Change Script Timeout in phpMyAdmin

Exporting mysql database to SQL format is our daily task. Sometime we get script timeout error when export process takes too long. This frequently happen when our internet connection too slow or the database size is too big. By default, phpMyAdmin set script execution timeout value to 300. You can change this value to any higher value you want, change it to 0 will tell phpMyAdmin to disable script timeout.

To change the value, do these steps:

1. Open file \phpmyadmin\libraries\config.default.php

2. Change the variable

$cfg[‘ExecTimeLimit’] = 300;


$cfg[‘ExecTimeLimit’] = 0;

16 thoughts on “Change Script Timeout in phpMyAdmin

  1. I’ve been at a similar problem for two days. In my case, I was importing, not exporting, a large(ish) database, but the problem was similar – a script timeout. Tried your fix, and was back up and running in minutes. Thanks!

  2. \phpmyadmin\ does not contain exec.timelimit in the new phpmyadmin, I am not sure what version this changed in but worth the note. The change in\phpmyadmin\config.default.php should fix the timeout problem right up for you.
    I would suggest for large databases to set the limit to 0 (no Limit) then change it back to a decent setting 600; gives you 10 minutes for most databases should be fine.

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