Total Commander Replacement

Today I’ve tried Double Commander – a file manager software which have a bit similar interface with Total Commander. One thing which attract me is that Double Commander is Open Source. Double Commander project hosted on SourceForge.NET, visit their the Project Page and give it a try.

You can also try Servant Salamander – a commercial product, but they also keep the freeware one which can be downloaded here.

Far Manager has text mode interface – similar with Total Commander predecessor: Norton Commander. Far Manager version 2.0 will become Open Source.

Have a visit also to other places which have broader review than mine:

Various PHP-related Resources

I found a few links which point to PHP-related resources, here we are…

Please note that these files are hosted in servers which located in Indonesia, so access from outside Indonesia may be a bit slower…

PHP E-books:



Code Igniter:



I’ve added links for non-Indonesian users…





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