CakePHP – Create Controller Action without View

just add:

$this->autoRender = false;


4 thoughts on “CakePHP – Create Controller Action without View

  1. I did that but it displays a blank page. And what i want is to be redirected to some other view which obviously do exists.
    Yes, i’m using the redirect call !
    But what you said doesn’t work the way I want.

    Do you have any other possible solution??
    (i want my action to work like the delete action works: do “something”, doesn’t have an associated view, executes the action and voila! redirects to somewhere).

    Hope you can help me,
    Best regards.

  2. well, I did this:

    $this->Sale->save( array( ‘’ => 3 ), array( ‘’ ) );
    $this->autoRender = false;
    $this->redirect( ‘/sales’ );

    obviously in my controller, and it worked perfectly.
    the new registration was added and then was redirected to sales… I think that it is what you need, none “page in blank”

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