Casperjs – Couldn’t find nor compute phantom.casperPath, exiting

I just installed phantomjs v2.0 on a Windows box, add its location to its path, download casperjs v1.0.4, extract to root folder on C: drive, rename the folder to casperjs, add casperjs\batchbin to its path (not casperjs\bin as suggested in its documentation), invoking casperjs –version on the command line, but then getting this error message

Couldn’t find nor compute phantom.casperPath, exiting

googling for a minutes, I got the solution here

just add these 4 lines code into casperjs\bin\bootstrap.js file

var system = require('system');
var argsdeprecated = system.args;
phantom.args = argsdeprecated;


Python – Check Version

on the command line, you can invoke

python -V

make sure you use -V (uppercase) since -v (lowercase) means verbose

If you want to check using script

import sys
major = sys.version_info.major
minor = sys.version_info.minor
print major, minor