Pug render variable twice

recently, I want to pass this variable to the view

passedVars.metaOgUrl = '<meta property="og:url" content="' + originalUrl + '">';

and use the usual way of rendering variable in pug


but it render the tag twice, a simple googling then found the answer, use != character as prefix


it’s rendered normal now





jQuery : Select All Checkbox

Yahoo! Mail and GMail both has a checkbox on top of their email list which will “checked” all chekboxes when clicked. Previously I use plain old javascript like those in this link, I just try to use jQuery to do this, its only 5 lines

        this.checked = event.target.checked;

Casperjs – Couldn’t find nor compute phantom.casperPath, exiting

I just installed phantomjs v2.0 on a Windows box, add its location to its path, download casperjs v1.0.4, extract to root folder on C: drive, rename the folder to casperjs, add casperjs\batchbin to its path (not casperjs\bin as suggested in its documentation), invoking casperjs –version on the command line, but then getting this error message

Couldn’t find nor compute phantom.casperPath, exiting

googling for a minutes, I got the solution here https://github.com/n1k0/casperjs/issues/1150

just add these 4 lines code into casperjs\bin\bootstrap.js file

var system = require('system');
var argsdeprecated = system.args;
phantom.args = argsdeprecated;