VirtualBox – Change Focus from Guest to Host and Vice Versa (Windows Host)

I use Windows 7 host with Ubuntu Server and Centos Minimal guest, sometimes when I move mouse cursor into virtualbox window it will disappear, even I’ve tried to move the mouse everywhere the cursor could not appear outside virtualbox window. I just found that pressing RIGHT CTRL key will bring the cursor back outside virtualbox window

PHP, Crystal Report, MS SQL Server

PHP 5.1.6, MSSQL2005 and Crystal Report Server XI RL2

//- Variables – for your RPT and PDF
echo “Print Report Test”;
$my_report = “D:\\Folder1\\SubFolder1\\Report.rpt”; //
rpt source file
$my_pdf = “D:\\Folder1\\SubFolder1\\Report.pdf”; // RPT export to pdf file
//-Create new COM object-depends on your Crystal Report version
$ObjectFactory= new COM(“CrystalReports115.ObjectFactory.1”) or die (“Error on load”); // call COM port
$crapp = $ObjectFactory-> CreateObject(“CrystalDesignRunTime.Application”); // create an instance for Crystal
$creport = $crapp->OpenReport($my_report, 1); // call rpt report

// to refresh data before

//- Set database logon info – must have
$creport->Database->Tables(1)->SetLogOnInfo(“servername”, “DBname”, “user”, “password”);

//- field prompt or else report will hang – to get through
$creport->EnableParameterPrompting = 0;

//- DiscardSavedData – to refresh then read records
//export to PDF process
$creport->ExportOptions->DiskFileName=$my_pdf; //export to pdf
$creport->ExportOptions->DestinationType=1; // export to file
$creport->ExportOptions->FormatType=31; // PDF type

//—— Release the variables ——
$creport = null;
$crapp = null;
$ObjectFactory = null;

//—— Embed the report in the webpage ——
print “




Nginx for Windows Buggy Path Setting (Kevin Worthington Port)

nginx bases the root directory into the hardcoded path

even if you don't have Cygwin installed
There is a workaround, though, to use relative directory paths:

    location / {
        root   ../www;

This will get you the root directory set to c:\www, if nginx lives in C:\nginx.

to download cygwin version of nginx visit:

thanks kevin for stopping by :)