Configuring Dreamweaver 8 for Editing .thtml File

I needed Dreamweaver to recognize a new file extension called, “thtml” for CakePHP. Here is how I got Dreamweaver to recognize new code extensions and highlight them correctly:

  1. Edit your Extensions.txt file: C:\\Documents and Settings\\User\\Application Data\\Macromedia\\Dreamweaver 8\\Configuration
  2. Add in the new file extension into its type: HTM,HTML,HTA,HTC,XHTML,THTML:HTML Documents
  3. Now Dreamweaver recognizes the new file types but to get code highlighting you need to edit your MMDocumentTypes.xml file: C:\\Program Files\\Macromedia\\Dreamweaver 8\\Configuration\\DocumentTypes
  4. Add in the new file extension to HTML winfileextension.

Here is the full article by Adobe: Adobe: Changing and adding file extensions recognized by Dreamweaver