PHP, Crystal Report, MS SQL Server

PHP 5.1.6, MSSQL2005 and Crystal Report Server XI RL2

//- Variables – for your RPT and PDF
echo “Print Report Test”;
$my_report = “D:\\Folder1\\SubFolder1\\Report.rpt”; //
rpt source file
$my_pdf = “D:\\Folder1\\SubFolder1\\Report.pdf”; // RPT export to pdf file
//-Create new COM object-depends on your Crystal Report version
$ObjectFactory= new COM(“CrystalReports115.ObjectFactory.1”) or die (“Error on load”); // call COM port
$crapp = $ObjectFactory-> CreateObject(“CrystalDesignRunTime.Application”); // create an instance for Crystal
$creport = $crapp->OpenReport($my_report, 1); // call rpt report

// to refresh data before

//- Set database logon info – must have
$creport->Database->Tables(1)->SetLogOnInfo(“servername”, “DBname”, “user”, “password”);

//- field prompt or else report will hang – to get through
$creport->EnableParameterPrompting = 0;

//- DiscardSavedData – to refresh then read records
//export to PDF process
$creport->ExportOptions->DiskFileName=$my_pdf; //export to pdf
$creport->ExportOptions->DestinationType=1; // export to file
$creport->ExportOptions->FormatType=31; // PDF type

//—— Release the variables ——
$creport = null;
$crapp = null;
$ObjectFactory = null;

//—— Embed the report in the webpage ——
print “




2 thoughts on “PHP, Crystal Report, MS SQL Server

  1. gan, udah pernah pake crystal report di php ya?

    ane lagi ada masalah nih, kalo konek sih udah konek, tapi cara ngirim variabel PHP nya ke crystal report gimana ya gan??

    mohon pencerahannya 🙂

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