SSH Without Password Prompt on Putty

  1. open puttygen
  2. click generate
  3. click save private key
  4. click yes
  5. close puttygen
  6. open saved PPK file with text editor
  7. copy the 4 lines text under Public-Lines section to clipboard
  8. open putty
  9. connect as usual
  10. create a file called authorized_keys on .ssh folder (in your home folder)
  11. type ssh-rsa, add one space
  12. paste clipboard text (right-click)
  13. make all text into one line
  14. save, quit text editor (vi)
  15. chmod 600 the file
  16. logout
  17. call putty again
  18. go to connection->data
  19. fill auto login username
  20. go to connection->ssh->auth
  21. browse the PPK file
  22. click open

happy putty-ing 🙂


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