Joomla Users Table

Joomla Users Table:

1.  jos_users
2.  jos_core_acl_aro
3.  jos_core_acl_groups_aro_map

Adding new registered user:

1. Insert into jos_users
– fields are :   id( = autoincrement field), username, name, email, password, gid (18=registered user,25=super admin)
– these are compulsory fields to fillup.
2.  Insert into jos_core_acl_aro
-fields are :   aro_id ( = autoincrement field), section_value(=”users” string), value(, name=(
3.  Insert into jos_core_acl_groups_aro_map
-fields are :   group_id ( =jos_users.gid), aro_id( =jos_core_acl_aro.aro_id)

If you want your own component for registation then make a table like this:
4.  Insert into your_table.
-fields are :   id ( = autoincrement field), user_id (, other fields ( =username,name,email,password are stored in users table , so no need to add here)



5 thoughts on “Joomla Users Table

  1. Creating a new ‘Registered’ and ‘unblocked’ Joomla user can be done from another component or custom code using three simple MySQL queries.

    “INSERT INTO jos_users (name, username, email, password, usertype, block, sendEmail, gid, registerDate, params) VALUES (‘$fullname’, ‘$username’, ‘$email’, ‘$passwordMD5’, ‘Registered’, ‘0’, ‘0’, ’18’, NOW(), ‘language=en-GB’)”

    “INSERT INTO jos_core_acl_aro (section_value, value, order_value, name, hidden) VALUES (‘users’, LAST_INSERT_ID(), ‘0’, ‘$fullname’, ‘0’)”

    “INSERT INTO jos_core_acl_groups_aro_map (group_id, aro_id)
    VALUES (’18’, LAST_INSERT_ID())”

    It is not necessary to query the database to find the ID of the row last inserted as the MySQL “LAST_INSERT_ID()” function already returns the auto-increment value of the last row inserted. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks so much guys!! Haven’t tried it yet, but this is exactly what I’m looking for. Am releasing my iPhone app early next week, and have decided at last minute to integrate the app’s user data with its supporting Joomla website’s data!
    May be silly, but easier now than later…

  3. I enjoy what you guys tend to be up too. This type of clever work and exposure!
    Keep up the fantastic works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my blogroll.

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